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Two-color Injection
Aug 20, 2018

The so-called two-color injection molding refers to a molding method in which two different color plastics are injected into the same mold. It can make the plastic parts appear in two different colors, and can make the plastic parts have a regular pattern or irregular cloud-like color to improve the practicality and aesthetics of the plastic parts.

(1) Double color mixing injection molding

Double-mix color injection molding principle. It has two barrels, each of which is constructed and used in the same way as a conventional injection molded barrel. Each of the barrels has its own passage communicating with the nozzle, and the opening and closing valves 2, 4 are also installed in the nozzle passage. During molding, after the melt is plasticized in the cylinder, the order of the melt entering the nozzle and the proportion of the discharged material are controlled by the opening and closing valves 2, 4, and then injected into the cavity by the nozzle. You can get a variety of plastic products with different color mixing effects.

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