The choice of mold glue opening mode
Aug 20, 2018

The choice of mold opening form and the selection of mold line are very important. First, it is convenient for mold taking. Second, the mold line should be selected without affecting the overall effect of the product. Third, it does not affect the product quality. For example, the mold line position of the water series product is too high. When the mold line is filled, there are many materials, and the product cracking is easy to occur; the fourth is to reduce the process operation steps, such as opening half of the mold. In order to prevent the flow of the silica gel, the mold is fixed in a regular range by wood or wood. When the mold is opened, the first part of the mold is separated by the wood and the sludge, and there is no gap between the sludge and the mold, and the surface of the sludge is smooth and flat. After the above work is completed, the plaster or mold is coated with Vaseline or sprayed with a release agent. The smooth product is coated with a clean cotton cloth and coated with Vaseline evenly on the mold for 30 minutes. The species is fully absorbed with Vaseline, and the surface of the mold is wiped clean with a clean cotton cloth, and the surface is required to be bright; while the product with texture is uniformly coated with Vaseline, the silica gel can be adjusted according to the formula.

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