High temperature mold adhesive
Aug 20, 2018

High temperature resistant mold glue can be divided into addition molding and condensation type

Room temperature vulcanization condensation mold glue, it has excellent fluidity, mold release, easy operation, vulcanization time and operation time can be adjusted as needed, deep vulcanization, stable mold size, heat resistance, chemical resistance, good physical properties High tear strength, especially for unsaturated polyester products, good durability and long tool life.

Adding mold glue, which has good transparency, easy deep curing and low shrinkage.

The silicone rubber soft mold made of condensation type mold glue is mainly used for mass production of handicrafts, furniture parts, lighting parts and other decorative products made of unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, gypsum and paraffin. It can also be used for leather printing, transfer heads and other elastic products.

Additive molding glue is mainly used for precision molds and the production of fine replicas.

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